Who Should Attend

  • - Policy Makers
  • - Earth Observation Experts
  • - Researchers
  • - Community Leaders
  • - Government Officers
  • - Academic Institutions
  • - Technical GIS Experts
  • - Developers
  • - Lecturers
  • - Students and many more

Benefits of Participating

  • - Global Networking Platform
  • - Industry Driven Content
  • - Engage with experts
  • - Show case your work
  • - Best Abstracts Awards
  • - Key Note Speakers

Resilience is broadly defined as the ability of a system (earth, social, environmental, physical, political, economic, chemical etc among others) to cope, bounce back from internal and external shocks or changes to normalcy or stability. In the development paradigm, resilience has also been defined as the “ability of people, households, communities, systems, and countries to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth.” Central in these definitions are people (households, communities, socio-economic systems like infrastructure), planet earth (bio-environmental systems, landscapes, biodiversity, countries, continents) and policies (laws, regulations, system of principles that guides decision making, treaties). Simply put, resilience has a lot to do with the interactions between people and dynamics on planet earth (climate change and its impacts, environmental hazards, man-made disasters etc), and the policies made around these two components to reduce vulnerability of populations and facilitate inclusive growth. Geospatial mapping of the people, planet and policy interactions in any livelihood sector goes a long way in providing information needed to foster resilience. 

The theme for this year's conference is Reflecting on Resilience

"Mapping Development Challenges & Solutions for a Better World"

Resilience building is often affected by anthropogenic causes (e.g. population growth and urbanization, crime, poor management) natural disasters (droughts, floods, pests and disease outbreaks, weather and climate unpredictability) as well as interactions of these two factors to create synergistic effects which result in disruptions of social order and economic systems. On the contrary gains made in resilience building can be sustained with proper use of scientific information such as early warning climate and disaster information, positive use of technology, timely enforcement of management decisions, collaborations on regional and international scales on environmental protection, disaster preparedness and co-creation of management plans for shared resources, etc. All these ingredients of resilient people and planet benefit immensely from the science of where, when and how, known as GIS mapping. Thus, the combined efforts to build a more resilient society and planet can foster a shared dream of a better world where sustainable development goals are a reality.

Around the world, remarkable efforts are being made in the use of mapping technologies (remote sensing, GIS, geo-statistics, UAVs etc) to generate evidence-based information that supports resilience building and measurement. Are you one of those with innovative research, cutting edge technologies, applied life changing research findings in Earth observation, GIS and mapping? At RIC2021, RCMRD provides you with an excellent opportunity to present your research and innovations, share experiences, ideas, methods, technological advancements, and engage with key players in this industry from all over the globe. Be part of this great community and participate in the quest to build resilience at people, planet and policy levels, through cutting edge mapping of current developmental challenges and solutions for a better world.

The five thematic areas are:

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