Research and technological development is one among many undertakings of any functional institution. The need to build and develop user friendly and more robust systems and applications that improve the quality of life, provide a mentor-ship platform where the youth can showcase and connect with the audience is critical. Under RCMRD GeoHub,  RCMRD offers a platform that is meant to promote youth mentor-ship and innovation Programme to young innovators. This provides an opportunity for innovative activities to spear new development or better improve the existing items to fit a wider user spectrum.

The special topics in this thematic area will include but not limited to the following

  • Mobile mapping innovations
  • Geo-spatial databases and spatial-temporal data management
  • On-line spatial data mining
  • Geo Sensor data acquisition, processing, management and analysis
  • Advanced GIS visualization techniques for Web and mobile applications
  • 3D modelling of city spaces for location-based services
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and crowd sourcing,
  • Sensor development.
  • Subsurface modelling
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